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4/8/05 11:36 am - A merged entry, if you will. :D

I woke up around 4am, because I had to work in the morning, 545a-145p. Work went by, as usual. Rosey came in at 130, and she looked dead to the world. I asked her if she wanted me to come in at 530 and work her last 4 hours. So, I did. Again, work went by as usual. Alicia and Rosey come to pick me up, since we all planned on going to the bar later that night. Mark bought us all of our drinks again, which is cool, because hell.. he had the money, and he offered it. Besides, every night we've been going, he's bought. So, everything was cool ALL night long. Matt showed up anywhere between midnight and 1. I wasn't paying attention to the time. Krisi, Rosey, Alicia, and I were all drinking and dancing to Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, NSync.. stuff like that. It was fun. Last call came, and Brent [a guy who works with Aaron] bought a round for the bar. I kept drinking Parrot Bay, pineapple, and cranberry. Good stuff. :P

We all get into our separate cars. I was planning on riding with Aaron, but he was being so obnoxious and yelling in my ear, so I rode with Alicia. Joe drove Mark's truck, because he was entirely too drunk to drive. Mark didn't want someone else to drive him up to the apartment, but Joe did. We got up the apartment, and apparently Mark was going to kick Adam's ass. To make a long story short, Krisi, Rosey and I kept trying to chill Mark out, have him come in the apartment, and sleep some of his drunkenness off. He charged at Joe at one point and Joe got pissed.. and I mean (as Tim would say it <3) PI-ISSED. Joe even banned Mark from the house, and I think that's what tipped Krisi off. I mean, Joe does live here, and the rest of us have to respect his decision. So, yeah, needless to say.. no more Mark up here. Krisi and Mark went for a walk, and Mark sped off when they came back. Krisi came up here in a frenzy, and was like "Adam, let's go now. I'm not fucking around.". And they left. Okay, thank you for being mad at US, when your friend was in the wrong. >:\

That was for yesterday's entry. I didn't have time to type it all up, because I was running super late. Today is my last day for 4 days!!! I get to go back home, and see the baby, and the family. Elysia and Cyannimal are in, so I'm excited. Even though I have no money. haha. Ah well, I'll make the best of it.

3/23/05 06:53 pm

I'm such a fuck up. I put a hole in the freezer, and now I broke it. I'm such a fucking idiot. I hate myself right now. I always fuck up, all the time. Every single time I try to do something helpful, it always fucks up. Every time.

3/21/05 10:05 am

Okay, so last night was fun, but it took a huge, dramatic turn for the worse. Adam was being a dick to Krisi, as far as I've seen. Krisi cried a bunch. I went spastic, yelling at Tim, and crying like a bitch a whole fucking lot.

We did have a ton of fun before hand, though. I took pictures, and made a short video. But, they stay kept to me. :) At least for now, because I don't want to resize and copy/paste stuff. So, yeah.

I don't have a hangover, just a serious headache. I took a few pills, so it'll be gone in a little while.

Rosey's called off from work, so maybe something will go on today.

3/21/05 12:05 am

I'm drinking tonight. No work tomorrow. Cheap beer + Beer Bongs = goood times!!

3/20/05 01:38 am

I just, well not JUST, but a little while ago.. played a lot of DDR racing. I was sweating like crazy, and it actually felt really good. A lot of jumping around really got my blood flowing and my heart pumping. I took more pictures of Adam and Krisi dancing on the dancepad. Yay.

Okay, that's it.

3/19/05 02:15 am

I'm really tired right now. I still need to go and get a shower. Today was just another one of those days. Wake up, walk to work, work, come home, play DDR Extreme, go online, shower [or not], sleep. It was busy as fuck today, too. I got in there, and Chris was like "I have some news for you. I'm working on this side, and Jamie's at the hospital." Jamie was only there for tests or something. Of course I'm there by myself. So, I'm in there, but Jamie comes in about 10 minutes later. Jamie worked on the Dandy side, and Chris came over on Pizza Hut and panned. About an hour later, Jamie's daughter calls and says she's home alone, so Jamie leaves.. AGAIN. But, she comes back, so it's all in the good. And, the rest of the night was busy. Just me and Chris, too. Blah.

Joey walked Rosey to work, so he walked back with me. We talked about some stuff. We got almost home, and we see a car pull up by our house. It's Tim, Jake, and Goofy. I got pictures of all the boys playing on the dancepad. haha. Awesome.

The rest of the night was just sitting here, playing games, listening to Blaze, and listening to Dana bitch and yell. haha.


3/18/05 12:41 pm - It's all types of blah, blah, blah...

Last week, Joe had asked Aaron about borrowing his van for Wednesday, so we could all go to the Psy show. We being; me, Tim, Joe, Rosey, Adam, Krisi, and Su. Aaron said he would think about it, but he was being indirect and iffy about it. You have to know Aaron, though. If you're not a PRO WRESTLER or his "Daddy", then he won't help you out. Seriously. He claims to have been 'friends' with both Joe and Tim for the past 18 years. He's not a friend. He's just someone who lives here. To me, he isn't anything, and he never will be. I don't want to live with him anymore, but it's not my place to tell him to leave. Rosey agrees with me. He just does things to annoy us. It's as if he wants us to get angry enough to move away. It won't happen. I won't argue back with him, because, honestly, who knows what he will do. For God's sakes, he's hit his mother. And, he's said in the past "If I knew I wouldn't get in trouble, and I wouldn't lose my job, I would beat the shit out of my ex-girlfriend." Fucked? Oh yes.

Anyway, back to the original story, Joe was voted the one to ask Aaron to borrow the van. Let's reverse this a little. Dana and Cherry had planned on going to the show, as well. They said Joe and Rosey could ride with them. Well, at the last minute, Dana called and said they didn't have a babysitter, and no money (or something else). So, there we were dicked out of another way to get to the show. It's okay, we have another plan. We'll ask Aaron to borrow the van, and we could all fit. So, we vote Joe the resident "van-asker-borrower-guy". He asks, and Aaron was a little iffy, like I said before. The next day, Tuesday.. Adam asks about it. Aaron, of course, like I had expected, says no. So, now, we're fucked out of another ride down there. What are we to do? We can't just call someone out of the blue and ask. "Oh yeah, could we borrow your vehicle to take to PHILLY tomorrow." Not only that fact, but we wouldn't have really had enough for gas. Actually, I did. So, that could have worked. *shrugs*

Tim volunteers to stay back. I wouldn't go, if Tim wouldn't go. Rosey was kind of indifferent to the whole thing. She's not a juggalette, and I think she may have been a little worried about the whole thing since the beginning. But, she said she would stay, too. Again, I won't go, if Tim won't go. Krisi volunteers to stay because she wanted me and Tim to go. After a lot of indecisiveness, we decide. Krisi and Rosey are going to stay here. Later on in the night, Adam says that if Krisi stays, he won't go. Now, we don't have the driver, or the vehicle for that matter. I mean, Rosey, Su, and Joe all have licenses, but it was Adam's car we were going to use. Adam wants us all the try and pile into his car, to see if we could all fit. By this time, we're all kind of sluggish and just generally too tired to want to get up, get shoes and coats on, go downstairs, and try to cram into a vehicle, that we all clearly know won't fit the seven of us. We decide to sleep on it.

The next morning, Wednesday, the day of the show, Adam wants to be out of here by noon. Didn't happen. We completely decided on Krisi and Rosey staying. Everyone had to shower, and get ready, and Tim didn't wake up til, like, 11:30, I think it was. I still had to shave both Adam and Tim's heads, paint Adam up, and do Tim's hair. So, after the long schpiel of the showers, head shaving, painting, and doing hair, we're ready to leave. Poor Krisi and Rosey start to cry, and I feel bad so I'm like "Fuck this. I can't do it. I'm staying here." They insist on me going and that they'll be alright. I leave 40 bucks here for them to order food, and we leave. It's almost 2pm now.

We stop at the Buck General, so we could get munchies and I could get batteries for my camera. Then we stop at McDonalds, and Su buys us food. We're now, finally, on our way.

We get on the turnpike, and it's about 3-3:30. We see another juggalo car. It was obvious, because of the big red hatchetman on the back. We're driving down, and Su is videotaping them. We get side by side to them, and we're driving, like 80-85. They show us a bag of cookies they have and Adam pulls up close the them, and grabs the bag. Adam shows them a Faygo, and pulls up close again, and hands them the Faygo. A little down the road, we see a 'Statie" on the side of the road. We go past, and he pulls out. We're all freaking out, like holy fuck, Tim's on parole.. Krisi's on probation.. what are we gonna do if we get nailed. Those of us in the back all stealthily put our seatbelts on. It's hard to ride in the back of a car, and have a seatbelt on. I almost always wear one. Don't bitch at me for it. ;)

The State trooper pulls ahead of us to the other juggalo car, and follows them for about 5 miles or so. Then, the inevitable happens, he flashes his lights. They get pulled over, and we pass them off. Adam's second guessing himself, freaking out because they got pulled over and we didn't stop to see if they were okay. We reassure him that there was NOTHING we could do to stop it. They were the ones driving like 100, and the officer caught them. Absolutely NOT our fault.

Okay, so more driving, and FINALLY we see the signs to get to Philly. It's like the angels came down and shone their light upon us. haha. So, it's about 4:30 or 5.. and you guessed it.. TRAFFIC JAM! Ugh. Happened to me last time, too. So, we're driving, worrying about the car overheating, in this God awful Philly rush hour traffic jam.

It sucks to drive through Philly. The streets are all one way, there's shifty looking people everywhere, and they will jack you for your money. It didn't happen to us, so don't worry. :) We finally get in and find a parking garage. We all have to pee so fucking bad, it's unreal. We go searching the city for a place to use the bathroom, and we find STARBUCKS. yay? Anywho, we go in and make a beeline to the potty. The kid working there is like "Restroom is for customers only." Like, wtf. So, we go and buy some things, just to use the bathroom.

We do our "duties", hahaha, leave starbucks and walk around town for a bit. We see Jumpsteady and Rudeboy enter this used CD store, so we go in. Adam goes up to them and asks if they can sign his bandanna. Cool. They do, and that's that. I couldn't even care less about them, though. Which was weird. I just looked around the store with Timmy.

We go to this bar afterwards, while Adam is on the phone with Krisi, and Joe bought us all a round of Yuenglings. Yucky. But, I digress. I drank it quickly and caught a little buzz. After the beer, Tim and I had my very first shot of Goldschlager. Ewww. It burns. :\ But, I caught a nice little buzz. We go outside and wait in line. It's freezing out there, and I only had a t-shirt on. So, I'm getting a little hyper from the alcohol now. I'm jumping around and acting crazy. It was fun.

These guys come around handing out free CD's. It's muhleriaaaaa.. *yawn* We take his CD and Adam talks to him for a bit. The cops were walking around the line, one had his little billyclub out. There really was no reason for it, though. [Later on in the night, Mare told me that South Street has a lot of riots, so the cops are more "hardassed" there.] 

Finally, about 20-30 minutes later, we get in. Yay. We go right to the bar, because I'm still buzzing and I want to keep the buzz. We get some drinks in us, and we go down to the floor.


After the show, we go outside, and wait for Joey, Su, and Adam. They're in at the Filthee booth, buying CD's and getting more autographs for Krisi. [By the way, Thursday was Krisi's 21st.] Tim and I are waiting outside, and these cops come up to this group of kids; asking how old they are and why they're smoking. They tell the cops they're 16 and 17. The cops are being dicks, telling them they're out past curfew. Curfew is 10:30 in Philly if you're under 18. The one kid walks away, and the cop is yelling at him, "Hey afro! Get your ass over here."  So, the kid comes back, and the cops are yelling at him for the smoking and being out. Then, the kid is getting a little cocky to the cops, so he puts the kid in cuffs.

A few seconds later, I see the one, the only.. KELLY!! I got a big smile on my face and I gave her a huge hug. Needless to say, I was excited to see her. I asked where Mare was and she told me she was taken away by some guy to do shots. Later on, I found out what happened. So, I talk to her for a minute and I tell her we'll be at the Wawa waiting.

We go to the Wawa and get some food. We only stayed there for a few minutes, but now I wish we had waited longer, because Mare and Kelly ended up going back there. *sigh* Ah well. After we left Wawa, we got asked for money by a bum. Joey gave him a little bit, then we walked to the car. Then it was home-bound.

That's about it for now. I have to get ready for work and make food.

I commend whoever read the whole thing. haha. It was a lot.

3/15/05 01:53 am

So, we're going to the show in Philly tomorrow, but Rosey and Krisi aren't. I feel like shit about it, too. I feel selfish. They gave up their tickets, so Tim and I could go. Tim wasn't going to go, and he's still doubting it. I'll talk to him tonight, before bed.

I'm too excited not to go. I feel badly about it.

3/13/05 09:29 am

I'm pretty tired right now. I didn't get to sleep until, like 3:30 or 4. I stayed up all night drinking. Now, I wasn't drunk; and I'm certainly NOT hungover. I just had a nice little buzz, but I'm going to work today; unlike previously planned. I'm going to go back to sleep soon, and we'll see how that goes.

3/8/05 10:15 am

I seriously cannot wait until today is over! Tomorrow, I get my tattoo. It's going to look super-hot.

That is all.
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