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12/27/10 12:07 pm

It's early, well noon early. I woke up about half an hour ago and I just don't want to get ready, although I know I have to. The wind is blowing like a mother fucker and I'm sure stuff that I had outside will be gone once I get out there.
Tim's still asleep, and he probably will be for a few more hours, or at least until before I go to work.
I'm hungry for something delicious to eat, but I really have no clue what.
I'm worrying about the bills coming up for this next paycheck. I'm sure I'll have enough money to cover my share, but I'm really doubting Tim has his. If he doesn't, I won't pay his share. I don't know how I could do that, though.
Argh. Less stress in 2011 would be awesome.

12/27/10 01:05 am - Bahhhh

So, today, we FINALLY get our first significant snow of the season. We got out of work early, not because of the weather, but because the pharmacy was so low on work. It's been a long time since that's happened, but I was more than happy to leave. I won't be getting paid for the last two and a half hours, but I can come in and do overtime possibly. I just don't care really.

I leave work at around 11 pm, and leave the parking lot and I'm swerving in a Pathfinder. Ugh. I fucking hate winter.. I hate cold, I hate snow. Fuck it all.
I get home half an hour after we're let out, because I'm driving so slowly.. I didn't even take Jess or Sarah home, just had Mark meet us at my house, because I'm all freaked out about driving in the snow. Anyway, I get home and I'm talking to Tim. Earlier in the day, I asked if he would put the garbage out for me, and lo and behold he didn't. As talking to him, I'm thinking that he sounds kind of slurred, and apparently he was drinking.

Like really, you have to drink because you have nothing else to do? I don't drink while he's at work, because well I'm the mommy and I have to pick him up.

I felt good when I got home, but just being here is annoying the shit out of me. He's sleeping on the couch, snoring, and just that sound makes me want to punch his face. I'd feel bad though.

Like, all my life, currently, is about me worrying about everyone else. I should say fuck it all and do what I want to do. I don't even know how to do that, or where to start.

2011... make me proud!

7/11/10 11:37 am

Hi guys! Does anyone still use this? It's been, literally, YEARS since I've posted anything worthy in here.

How is everyone doing? Tim and I are back in Plymouth, and living the dream, basically. lol Actually, I'm working in a mail order pharmacy and Tim's working somewhere he hates. Life is good, I guess. lol.

Alright, that's enough. Kinda bored already. Laters.

11/29/06 01:24 pm - NEOPETS!!!

Anyone have a neopets account? Neo-friend me.. lol Goddessjuggalo.

How is everyone?

11/19/06 04:21 pm - HEY!

I'm ALIVE! Fo' shizzle. I'm more of a myspace chick now anyway. I'm a hater. :)

1/27/06 03:15 am

My heart is in my throat, and I have no fucking idea what to do. I know what I want, but in the same sense, I'm so fucking confused. It's such a wretched feeling. Yeah, but anyway...

I'm watching the Wayans Bros and I need to wake up at aboot 9:45 to take Timber to work. This show is so funny. I need a vacation. :-D

Someone take me away.

1/26/06 02:46 am

So, I could update about so many different things.

I was at work thinking about actually taking the time to update this with something meaningful and less pointless than the past 20 hundred thousand posts I've done. All about the past two years, how I've grown, and become what I am today. I could post about knowing so much, yet this being one of the most confusing and difficult times of my life. heh. Yeah, I could, but I'm tired.

Work went on forever. I had fun though. And, of course, Leroy yelled at me. Word.

Updated my user info page. Peash bitches.

1/23/06 11:24 am

I never use this journal anymore. :\

BUTTTTTT!!!!! I did post up some new userpics. <3 Enjoy.

10/16/05 12:41 am

Mallory's going to be a big, bad one year old today. I've come home for the party.

Rosey's having a bunch of people to the apartment to commence with the drinking. Speaking of which, I will never play marbles with Bill again. Well, not with quite so much rum. Lies. Excellent poison of choice.

Next week, I either stay home to hang with Mike and Jen, or come back here to drink with Crystal. Why not have the best of both worlds? Drink after work Friday, come home Saturday and drink here, too. I'll have to talk to Rosey about that.

Needless to say kids, I'm alive. Eventually another post will ensue.


8/27/05 12:54 am - It's alive!!!! It's alive!!!! Bwahahahaha.

I'm feeling both a strong sense of pride and strength. It's the best I've felt in a long time. I wish I could bottle up the feeling and keep it when I need it most. Relish in it. Honestly though, I shouldn't feel this way, or even care about any of it. But, hell, I love it.

Until I return to East Bumfuck, I'm in the clear of nature's cruel way of laughing at Tim and I. Keep my head up and look toward the positive. I've been reminding Tim of the same.


I'm in Plymouth for the weekend. I should have went to work today, but I'm a douche and I called off. I probably wouldn't have been home yet, anyway. I like the money I'll be making, though. It's a physically demanding job, but the money will be worth it. I love my sense of independence, too. I'm living at least 60 miles from my family, and in ways it's a fabulous thing. In others, though, it's depressing and at times I regret the whole transition.

Sometimes, I just miss the ability to vent to the whole fucking interweb.

Once Tim gets home, he wants me to cut his hair. It's going to be so surreal. The same Tim, just a different look about him.

I'm going to go to the gym soon. I'm on a mission to buff up and look teh sex.

Yeah, I'm gone.
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